Catch a Shark

Catching a Shark , Santa Cruz Island

My friend and I went out fishing and I watched him Catch this Big Fish! More like a Big Shark , I have never scene one up close and when I did was creepy , The Shark was very calm as he took the Hook out and let him go , he calmly went back into the blue sea and disappeared. we were at Santa Cruz Island in a cove called Prisoners. I still have no idea what Kind of shark it is and would Love to Know, It had a little yellow , light orange and a hint of brown. I’m not afraid to go in the water , however I will be careful .  Swim Safe!

Author: Lori Gurin

I Love to Travel , I Enjoy fishing , Cooking, Kayaking , Running , Hiking , and I have been My Mothers Caregiver since 2012 , I Love Healthy Foods and supplements , I have Fun Making smoothies and trying new products .

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