Keep It Simple

Over the years I’ve learned alot about what is important and what isn’t. My Health , Family and Soul are what will keep me Happy and Live a Long and Happy Life .

The News , Judging Others and Anger will Eat you away and cause bodily harm to your Body and a shorter Life ! Live for the Soul and get out of yourself and Help others , Go Hiking and smell the Fresh soil and Oxygen in the air, Take Pictures of the Beauty around you and be Happy you have been chosen to stay on this earth as long as you have . Tomorrow is a New Day and what Happened Yesterday is Gone , Live in the Present time and Enjoy!

Miles of Smiles & Blessings


Author: Lori Gurin

Love People , Places and Things . I Live Life Simple and Stress Free , Food is My Best Friend and I Love All People and Sports . Dont Judge , Helps Others Exercise , Meditate , Eat for the Soul and Travel for the Health of it!

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