Love Lake Tahoe

Just traveled to Lake Tahoe and had a Great time at the Janet Jackson Concert , Front row and dancing all night was a Blast!! Cant keep up with her and I didn’t care I had fun! I hiked up to Falling Leaf Lake , Then onward to Angora and Grass Lake . It was  rather smoky and no I didn’t see any bears ..I noticed they were on the Path before me thou 🙂

I am blessed to be here and keep positive after everything that is going on right now. I believe when we stay strong and positive good things arrive and great people surround you.

It is Back to school time and make sure you are getting your immune boost and Vitamin C. Before you know it the holidays will be here . stay healthy , remain wealthy..

and be productive , Dance sing and have fun! and Be Happy!

Miles of Smiles




I Smell Strawberries in the Air

I Love this time of year the strawberries are starting to bloom and the fragrant is in the air. The  strawberry Festival in Ventura County is around the corner in May . When I bike ride or run  I pick em and eat them..of course after I wash them really good. They are Yummy! and full of Vitamin C which is Great for your cells and helps to fight cancer, boost your immune system and helps clear up your skin .

I have a couple  of orange trees and I was eating oranges today while I was in the Sun and it felt Great!

Thank you Mother Nature for the Lovely Rain, I am very grateful.



Catch a Shark

Catching a Shark , Santa Cruz Island

My friend and I went out fishing and I watched him Catch this Big Fish! More like a Big Shark , I have never scene one up close and when I did was creepy , The Shark was very calm as he took the Hook out and let him go , he calmly went back into the blue sea and disappeared. we were at Santa Cruz Island in a cove called Prisoners. I still have no idea what Kind of shark it is and would Love to Know, It had a little yellow , light orange and a hint of brown. I’m not afraid to go in the water , however I will be careful .  Swim Safe!
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Free Spirit

Two Dolpins in the AirI Love the ocean and watching the Dolphins Play in the waves , swimming at the bow of the boat free as can be and smiling from ear to ear . Once in a while I hear a noise as if they are talking to me , as I hang on over the side of the boat and touch their silky skin I know they trust me and we are both at peace .  The ocean can be calm some days and others the swells are so high you feel like you can touch the sky. It is a perfect match for a person like me , I love change .