Blessed and Stressed

I am so blessed today and at the same time I am stressed , I completed my first Book Titled “Catch a Smile” and it is for sale on amazon, Kindle and smashwords. I am very excited and I have another one in the oven now. I had a Terrible fall at work and Im in alot of pain , Been getting acupuncture and it was helping until recently then the pain comes back twice as much. I meet with a orthopedic surgeon next week to decide if I will move forward with surgery . I have three terse in my rotator cuff and my bracial Plexus is torn. It is hard when you Love the Great outdoors , Like Biking , Hiking , skiing , Kayaking and much more . I will be Okay! its hard to accept . I have a 98 year old mother who depends on me and That Breaks my Heart. I believe my creator will not give me more then I can handle. Perhaps this is a good time to dust off my water color painting and spend more time getting to know you. So please dont be shy , stop on by and lets chat. I Love the rain Snow and all the beauty we have at this time . Tell me about yourself and what makes you tick. what is your favorite color and why, what does it do for you..Im fond of orange myself like the oranges on my tree.

Are you Blessed today ? Or Stressed? I really want to know!
Miles of Smiles